With unrivaled high energy live performances and pro level of mastering their musical instruments, Rock classic cover band Symmetry has gained respect and admiration of the audience with an ever growing fan base. Backed by their own impressive PA sound system and extensive light show, the live shows capture and entertain the crowd like no other band in Tampa Bay.

Symmetry is deep rooted in the 80’s when in 1988 Mike and Pete became friends at Springstead High School and have been friends ever since.  

Pete started out as a drummer and a guitar player, but then switched completely to guitar…probably Mike’s fault.  While at Springstead the two of them took a liking to Richard Dasher their music teacher, who was also very influential on these two, as well as introducing them to fusion.  Mr. D. Also plays bass, guitar and Sax and the three of them would often jam Led Zeppelin tunes together after school.  

Pete and Mike have played in many bands together over the years from original music to covers, corporate bands and whatever other gigs they could manage to get.  Mike’s Dad Frank Aurigemma, who is another amazing musician in his own right, spent many years working with these two guys teaching them how to play in a band, as well as how to put one together.

In late 1997 Mike was working a very crappy job in Hudson Florida, where some folks said the guy in the back is an amazing keyboard player and that he should check him out.  Enter Steve Buhler to the picture.  Mike went to check Buhler out on keys and the rest is history.  Mike immediately called Pete while living in Titusville and said it’s time to move back: “I finally found the keyboard player” . They formed an original band with Mike’s brother Jeff called Gear and then AXYS, which also included Christine Spurbeck as lead vocalist.

Fast forward to 2018.  Mike is also a Manager at Sam Ash Tampa and while walking through the store one day, he heard somebody ripping Level 42 bass lines and was immediately intrigued.  Low and behold enter Dutch bass player Rob Nolden.  After doing some recording with Rob, Mike said you will be in my band and it will be amazing.  Promises, promises..lol. Rob ironically has many of the same influences musically as Mike, Pete and Steve even though he’s from way across the pond.  

At this point all the musical pieces were in place, so Mike asked Christine Spurbeck to come out of retirement and give a go at being the singer of the band and Symmetry was born.! 

We are all thankful for Chris giving this a go, and although it didn’t work out it got this thing off the ground.  So many thanks to you, Chris!

Ken Gingras, a close friend of the band, heard we were looking for another singer, he came across someone he thought would be a nice fit for what we were trying to do.  His text read something like “CALL THIS GIRL NOW!”  Enter Shianne Marshall.  They reached out to Shianne, who came to a rehearsal and sang three songs. The boys were blown away and offered the gig to her on the spot.

Present: Even though COVID proved to be a struggle for many bands, SYMMETRY fired on all cylinders and got their name out rapidly in the Tampa Bay music scene as being one of the strongest new rock acts in town. Many venues like Mugs n Jugs, Ringside Cafe, Salty Shamrock, Alafia Brewing, O’ Briens, Whiskey River on the Water, Bourbon on Main, Captains Corner, (now Savages) Bottlehouse Bar, 3 Daughters Brewery, are eager to book and welcome SYMMETRY to rock their stage at weekend nights. Symmetry also played at festivals and special occasions such as Friday night Live at SIMS Park New Port Richey, (1800+ crowd), the legendary Boot Hill Saloon Daytona (Bikefest), St, Patrick’s fest at Salty Shamrock (2000 tickets sold) and Tapfest V Women of Rock fest at the Niagara Tap in Largo.

With SYMMETRY’s high energy professional players, multiple lead singers and perfect harmony, a pro gear setup and with love and passion for top bands such as AC/DC, Zeppelin, Tears for Fears, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac/ Stevie Nicks, Genesis, Dire Straits, Allman Bros, Heart, The Eagles and many more, the fan base is growing with every performance.

SYMMETRY’s passion for rock music continues to captivate the audience with their signature versions of songs like Stairway to Heaven, Money for Nothing, Edge of Seventeen, the Allman Brothers’ Whipping Post and many more.